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Looks like a very high quality piece. Drillings are, or were, very popular in Germany many years ago. It's amazing your Opa's survived WW-II and the post-war period - U.S. occupational forces (Army) wanted to confiscate my father-in-law's Diana air rifle (.177 caliber), and he had to break the stock over a curb to render it undesirable to them (he later repaired the stock with medical tape and kept it that way until his death). In the early days of WW-II, they packed drillings in the survival kits of Luftwaffe aircraft, and they were prized targets of scavengers. Just curious, but what gauge are the shotgun barrels, and what caliber is the rifle barrel? Also, what is the power of the scope, and what kind of reticle does it have - I would imagine either a German #1 or #4, but was just wondering.

Congratulations on your inheritance, and my condolences on the loss of your grandfather.


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