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I haven't been in the forum a ton lately, and I meant to respond to this about 5 months ago, but I completely forgot.

My buddy went down to hunt with King of Eights in May for an Axis and Blackbuck hunt, and I tagged along to film. The owner's name is Blake Marshall. Let me start out by saying that I've hunted at quite a few ranches down in Texas, but I haven't been in a few years. I would easily rank Blake in my top 3 outfitters with Keith Johns and Skyler from the Diamond C. Blake is a hunter and does what it takes to put you on your animals. He's a good, honest guide. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a hunt. He's one of the good ones.

The hunt was a rifle hunt. We located Blackbuck within the first hour of arriving on the property. I've never seen so many 3.5+ curl Blackbuck in one spot. We stalked up a few hundred yards, then crawled the last few yards to get a good shot. Of course, my hand found a cactus within the first few inches of the crawl. Now, it was just glassing and waiting for the darkest one to provide a coat shot. Two shots later, big Blackbuck down!

We processed the Blackbuck right there as it was hot and we still wanted to hunt! We decided to cook up some fresh Blackbuck fajitas for lunch. So far, a perfect morning. While eating, I noticed some axis does heading across a valley a few hundred yards away. We decided to clean up lunch, then hike up to a ridge that overlooked that valley. Blake was going to hike a few hundred yards further west and try pushing our way.

We settled into a small grove of trees in the shade, brushed in some branches around us, and hunkered down. We weren't there ten minutes when I saw a massive rack of antlers bounding through some live oaks. I told my buddy Chuck that was a shooter, but I only caught a glimpse of him five hundred yards away. As we were glassing far away, Chuck caught movement much closer. By the time I found him in the camera he was pushing a doe and fawn right at us, and closing the gap quickly. I will still never get the image of this big axis bearing down on us, 70yds, 60, 50, 40, 30. At this point, we were surprised that the beating of our hearts wasn't scaring him away. At 30 yards he was broadside. A second later, his heart had a hole in it. Chuck made his shot count, and we watched him topple over after 30 more yards. It was definitely a day off disbelief, and multiple times repeating "no way that just happened." Two trophy animals down in one day. Luck, and a skilled guide, were with us that day.

I'm not sure if the rate the day lease section is bow hunting only, so I will say that I'm fairly positive Blackbuck could be done with a bow. Chuck could have shot his axis with a bow...but archery axis may be a little tougher. However, if Blake says he could do it, I would trust him. We were in bow range of another axis the next day, trying to put the snack down on some red sheep, but a thunderstorm interfered with our hunt.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I highly recommend this outfitter. My buddy is headed back in a few months for oryx and addax. Kind of surprised no one else has hunted with him, but I think more of his hunts are with guns rather than bows, so that would probably explain it. I'll try to get video up of the hunts. I'll have to edit them a little bit, because, well...we were a little excited and a few swear words that aren't too family friendly "might"have made it on video. Haha! I don't think he has a website, but if you want to look him up, his Facebook is:

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