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Dang, Tex Cattleman, it doesn't get any slower than that. LOL

I'm shooting an Allegiance. I love the thing. However, I will probably look at the two above mentioned bows during the spring. Even if I don't shoot faster, I can always turn the poundage down and still shoot what I shoot now.

Doncom, this time of year, I spend way too much time sitting in ground blinds, tripods, towers, and treestands, buring lots and lots of video, drinking a lot of Pepsi and eating a lot of PNBCC's. I'm taking this weekend off to head off any divorce rumors, LOL, and then I'll turn my attention to Bo Point on the Junco for a couple weeks. Here's some pics. I really like this deer and have for the last three years. They told me he's mine if I wanted him and I took him. won't score a lot, but I like wide bucks almost as much as I like fast bows. LOL Most of the pics are in velvet, but you can get an idea.

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