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Originally Posted by BigL View Post
Here. Software director of a web development team.
And BigL is very good at SQL development, change management, Technology Staff management, hammering tough development project timelines and has earned a lot of coin and respect in the Charles Schwab organization!

He also knows a lot about Broker\Dealer operations, Call Center operations in support of Stock Exchange trades and he's not too shabby at watching the Market and hammering trade executions when it's time to hit CLICK!

He's also very savvy at the immensely proprietary, ECN feeds, market data information, riding across dedicated VPN frames from the New York and Chicago stock exchange networks.

He can tune a production SQL server to run like a scalded cat, with historical writes to a back-end historical server....without missing a query.

He's full of talent......probably forgot some of that old VB and C++ stuff from our yester years, but i bet he can still remember a lot of it today?

We both worked a .COM start-up, that was previously known in Austin as During 2003, we pulled more Internet traffic, in the entire State of Texas, during Nasdaq Market open - first hour, and the last hour of the trading day, than any other business in Texas. Radio Shack, Compaq in H-Town, Dell in Austin...none of them even came close. We had the senior Executives at Dell on speed dial, and Cisco and Intel would dump gear at our shop, to run load test data on hardware, that had yet to be released to the general public. NIC's tuned by Intel, to support the data load we we polling during our trade periods.

We ordered servers by the 18 wheeler full, getting everyone involved with unloading these servers on pallets and staging them in our data center. We had to record and catalog all phone calls and trade market data onto CDROM, and this information had to be electronically available for 7 straight years. The pressure to deliver, and stay in good standing with the SEC was at a premium. I had to deal with these SEC guys every year. My self and our lawyer sat in a room and I answered questions, non-stop, keeping us in good standing with the Feds. They sent their hot shots in, all of them versed in various facets of IT Operations and their entire goal, was to find weakness and non-compliance to their tight regulations. It was brutal, but I learned a ton during this period.

Dealt with the ILoveYou virus, the SQL Slammer worm......and sat through software audits with the BSA. It was seriously a nerve wracking, super fast paced, work environment.

We've hammered beers and gobbled pizza when we hit Trading records...knocking out 60,000 trades at $14.95 a pop. During this time frame, a standard DS3 circuit ran $75,000 dollars per month! My IT budget was running around 1.6 million dollars and we supported 1500 servers, in support of Day Trading activity around the USA.

Both of us got sucked into the Charles Schwab acquisition, and both of immediately received raises that are hard for me to realize, how lucky we were during this small period in Internet history.

At CyperCorp we played CounterStike and Halflife on the Corporate network, hosting a CounterStrike server on Friday night and on into the wee hours of Saturday morning, playing 1st person shooter video games over our huge Internet pipe. We formed a clan, drove to Dallas with the then new Flat panel monitors, custom game PCs and played in the CyberAtheleticLeague tournament (CPL). We had a developer build a CounterStrike map that mirrored our building....all 3 floors. The CEO (Hack) was a hostage sitting at his desk LOL! Oh man those were fun times.

These were really our glory days. The days before VoIP, the days before solid SAN storage solutions, when WIFI first started to hit the business community. was in her early years. Face book, My Space and You Tube were non-existent, and many of us had to host our own personal Internet registrations, to share photos and hunting videos on the Internet.

Heck, there was a period where I helped work through some TBH database issues here.

Legdog and I even killed the TBH server, pouring hundreds of photos on the site, in a pixel war LOL!

Darn good times during a very interesting period in American ECommerce history!

Leland...I really miss working with you Brother! We went through some serious good times, and the memories will always be at the forefront of my professional IT career.

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