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Default 15 Minutes in Mexico!

As many of you know I made my second trip down to Sonora, Mexico with my dad the week before Thanksgiving to chase mule deer with my bow. The trip was OFF the charts!
We made it to Phoenix and met up with the rest of the group and headed to Hermosillo. We went straight to the ranch and made it there with plenty of time to check our bows and get settled in for the next mornings hunt. We were the first hunters of the season this year which turned out to be a huge benefit to us.

Right at dinner the owner of the ranch called my dad over and told him that they had seen a big 200"+/- deer at a stand called San Juan (which is the same stand my shot his deer in 2 years ago). Unbeknownst to me, my dad told the owner that he wanted me to hunt that stand and take that deer. After everyone went to bed, my guide, Herrardo showed me pictures of the big 4x4 that I would be hunting......sleep didn't come easy that night but I was ready to roll when the alarm went off. Harrardo had told me the timed Lamco Feeder was to spin protein at 7:30 AM. He had seen my deer come in the two previous mornings at 7:00 sharp. I settle into my popup blind at about 6:15 and begin the long wait for daylight. I had a great North wind in my face and the temperature was about 51 degrees. I only opened the one window pointing towards the feeder and got everything ready for the morning hunt. At 7:05 the sky begins to get light and I ease the top section of my right hand window and see a BIG Muley rack silhouetted on the Eastern sky. Just as I see him he jumps into the barbed wire feed pen (about 3-4 acres) and I knew it was all coming together. My buck was joined by a 3x3 and I knew it would make it twice as difficult to get drawn undetected. Well just like he had on previous days the 3x3 entered into my shooting lane first and I got the camera rolling. About 3 minutes after the 3x3 began cleaning up the previous nights protein, el jefe joined him. I had the biggest deer I've ever seen at 22 yards completely relaxed and just needed him to turn broadside. Well he eventually did and I draw my bow without any drama. Upon easing into the shooting window I see that he is now facing dead away from me and I had no shot. This went on for about 1 minute and then he decided to walk around the other side of the feeder and start looking for protein scraps while facing me head on. I'm now at full draw for about 1:45 and he decides to turn and head to the alfalfa feeder.

This was a blessing and a curse. Blessing because I was about to have to let my bow down with a giant Muley at 22 yards and he offered me a broadside shot. Curse because he walked out of my view finder on the camera I had rolling. I decided I needed to take the shot with or without video of a deer of this quality. I sent the 400 grain Beman on it's way with a 2 blade Rage and it hit about 2" from where I wanted and hit the back end of the shoulder. I got about 10-12" of penetration and the deer torqued sideways. He ran about 60 yards down hill out of sight if the pop up and I see a cloud of dust start rise from where he face planted and bull dozed his way to his final resting place. Good news is that the guide got the shot on camera from the rifle stand so I still get to make a good video once it is all said and done and I get the footage sent to me.

Not often does a hunt go according to plan but this one did. We waited 15 minutes and got out of the blind and began to trail him up. Harrardo and I were confident he was going to be just over the rise and inside the brush line. That is exactly where we was and by the time we found him and drug him out rod the bush he collapsed in, the feeder spins! My 5 day Mexico hunt was over in 15 minutes with me holding a 202 7/8" Mexico Muley!!

The man that gave up the chance at this awesome buck and gave it to me! My best hunting buddy.

After getting back to camp another hunter was already there with a nice 184" drop tine buck that he took with his rifle.

While we are talking and congratulating one another, about 15 minutes later another rifle hunter in our group pulls up and he has killed a 204".

First morning and 3 of our group of 6 had tagged out.

Time to relax

After another awesome meal I start scouting trying to locate other good deer for the rest of the hunters. The last rifle hunter scored an awesome 196" on morning #2.

I see a collection of deer throughout the week but warmer temperatures seem to stop the mature bucks from really walking like they had been the first 2 days.

Sights of the Mexican desert are just awesome.

Their trail cam "box of death"

More to come later......

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