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Originally Posted by Leonhogboy View Post
Not very happy with whoever created this Bownanza 2018 forum.

It will be a minor miracle if any of our team members can find it, but then we are always looking for something. Now if I can just remember the last place I had it.

In and aggravated,

Originally Posted by thorthunder View Post
What were we talking about?

Need to come up with a private lunch or dinner this year. Just us without all the children.

My humble opinion.......
Originally Posted by Leonhogboy View Post
I agree, an exclusive club or clique if you will.
No GOF wannabes or posers like Curtintex.
Some of these kids think you can just make a New Years resolution and're grumpy.
Originally Posted by Tmag View Post
I'm in, supper Friday night at Cracker Barrel or Luby's!
I agree with all of you!! I think...

What were we talkin about again?? Oh yeah, where's the toast??

White Barrel sounds good (gotta be PC these days as we might offend someone )
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