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Originally Posted by Gummi Bear View Post
It's not new. Just "rebranded" In my research, before I began, I found a diabetic cookbook from the early 20th century outlining this almost to the letter.

Every morning, I fill my 32oz Yeti cup:

20 oz coffee

2 tbsp organic unsalted butter (or ghee)

1 tbsp raw organic cacao powder

2 tbsp MCT oil

3 tbsp organic heavy whipping cream

Blend it all up with a hand blender in the cup, and it is delicious and creamy. I start drinking on it at 7:00 when I roll out of the house, and usually finish it up around 10:00 when I switch to water for the rest of the day. I don't eat anything until lunch time. If you just stir the ingredients with a spoon, it will separate into layers. You need a high speed blender to emulsify the ingredients.

Do some searching on what "intermittent fasting" does for your body.

I've been doing this for a few months now, but I far too often fall off the wagon at supper time. I do really good all day, but at night I'm tired, and eat whatever food the rest of the family wants (there are nights I don't get home from my second job until after 9:00). My weight has stayed pretty even. When I do right, my blood sugar is much more under control, and my energy stays pretty even.

No excuses, I know what I need to do, I just need to get off my *** and get some more aerobic exercise. I also need to go to bed at a decent hour. Aside from when I was a teen, I've never been someone that stays in bed long. I usually operate on 4-6 hours of sleep, and I should be getting 7-8.

What is mtc oil?

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