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Just came back from Youth hunt with my son. It is a 3-days hunt, but we give up the 3rd day. Thing is changed at Inks SP. Chris does not work there any more. Inks Sp is one of my favorite public hunts when Chris ran the program. The guy who is in charge the hunt now does not do a good job this time. My son and I spend 1.5 days by 2 afternoon and 1 morning hunts. We didn't see any deer close to the feeder. Every hunt, we sit there 4-5 hours. I know there are tons of deer around, all other kids saw deer morning and afternoon all the time. The blind they assigned to us is not a good setup, in my opinion. It may be a good one before, but another hunter shot 2 deer a week ago, they didn't let it settle down and put us there right after. And the feeder is wide open to park road. I wanted to change to a backup location in the last day. If it is my hunt, I won't ask. It is my son's first hunt, I would like him to have at least one shot. The guy who ran the hunt program refused my request to move to a backup location. The reason he gave to me was to be fair for others. He is the man there, I don't argue with him. But I do not buy in, esp. this is a youth hunt. To help next generation builds up interests to this game is more important for me. I have hunted multiple parks, never have this experience. I would scratch Inks SP off from my next public draw.
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