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Did the doe/spike hunt there a couple years ago. Typical hill country - Saw a ton of deer but only one decent buck. Lots of does/spikes and small bucks. I think there are some decent deer around, just need to be patient. We were banging away at all the does so the big bucks were probably a little skittish.

As far as the hunt, they take you to/from the stands every time. Most are in fairly open areas they have brush hogged and for our hunt, they were actually pre-baiting the stand areas. Chris, the guy who runs the hunt is a great guy. If you aren't seeing what you like, ask him and he'll probably move you to a different area. They generally have some extra stands they hold back in case folks want to move. Stands are 4X4 (if I remember right) covered boxes on the ground with bench seats. Bring a cushion, or separate chair for comfort.

At least on our hunt, the 2 guys who hunted at Longhorn Caverns didn't see nearly the number of deers those at Inks Lake SP did. Not sure if that is always the case though.

The camping/picnic/lake area stays open during these hunts. All the hunts take place across the highway or away from the camping area. For this hunt, we stayed in one of the small cabins they rent at the park. Very convenient. Chris even swung by to chat with us one night during the hunt. Kept asking us questions about what they could do better on the hunt. He really wants everyone to be successful.
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