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Originally Posted by Birddog66 View Post
Here is the deal - We (my deer lease group) just found out yesterday that the farmer on our deer lease(not the LO, fyi) has recently had hog doggers out to our place in order to keep the pig population in check. Historically, we have not had many pigs, which has been somewhat surprising to me, given the general area (Hare, Tx). They move through occasionally and hit feeders, but not enough consistency to hunt, imo. Yes, we have signed lease agreements and exclusive hunting rights. Yes, we know the LO in in breach of our agreement but nobody is interested in going Johnie Cockran over some hog doggers at this point. I have zero experience with hog dogging and know nothing about the affects if has on the deer herd and deer hunting. I'm a dog guy and owned pit-bulls for 2 decades before I got into gsp's. I have always wanted to go along on a dog hog-hunt just to watch the dogs work, I think it's something I would enjoy.

Please help me with some insight from people with firsthand knowledge and experience. Our lease renewal is coming up in a couple months -

1) What kind of affect does hog dogging have on deer hunting?

2) Is it a viable method to help control the pig population?
As long as you stop it before the fawns are born, I think it causes minimal effect
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