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Originally Posted by DirtyDave View Post
Dogs running deer off a property is a BS wives tale. Of course they get spooked, but they dont leave. They get spooked by your truck, filling feeders, walking to your stand, winding your fart in the stand, etc. They dont leave. Deer getting spooked is Temporary.

Hogs are Nomadic and will leave if there is pressure from dogs. Deer will get spooked but not leave their pocket. They like their pocket, its all they know. They get spooked and chased by predators regularly, they still like their pocket.

If dogs really run deer off a property, then tell me how a hunt club works in states where they can run deer dogs? They have leases just like we have here, but they run dogs on deer all season. They are specifically targeting DEER and they dont leave. They are like big rabbits, they only run as far as they need to, to escape the immediate threat. Then they go about their business.

I grew up running walkers for deer and there were many mornings where we'd jump the same deer in the same place that we had the day before.

If deer ran off and left every time something chased/spooked them, NOONE would be able to track a certain buck for 3 or 4 years....
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