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Default Wildlife Waterer Install (Picture Heavy)

After casting another watering trough earlier this year we had a chance to head to Knox/Haskell Counties to try helping out the wildlife on the farm with limited water on 650 acres we figured another water source could only help. The plan was to install one trough in a small patch of timber near the center of the farm and supply it for now with a partially buried water tote about 350 feet away and 25 feet higher in elevation. We hope the buried trough, waterline, and tote will help eliminate some freeze problems and critters that we might encounter. The project so went smoothly so far and should work several years if this dreaded drought continues.
Loaded up to head west
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Aerial View
Name:  Aerial Map.jpg
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Preripping a path down the hill, a tight fit in a few places!
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Digging a spot for trough and to tie in to pipe.
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Concrete tiles to help stabilize the #380lb, trough in west Texas sand.
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Trough installed and leveled up plumbing the float valve next.
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So good so far, next up the water tote portion!
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