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Originally Posted by TexaRican View Post
Prayers up and following. I'm down the road from you in Cypress. Last 100 year flood we had (the 2nd one of 2016), my street never even showed much puddling during the rain. Somehow though hours after the rain stopped, Telge began seriously flooding north of Little Cypress Creek and that water backed up into my neighborhood. Water got a few feet up my driveway which caused some concern.
I'm only sharing this because of your opening statement regarding over development. I know that even though our neighborhood drains well, they have put so much stupid stuff in downstream that it is now causing problems we never had before.

I remember seeing on the news that along 99 there were plenty of people flooding that never had before.

When Allison hit the house I was in never flooded before. 3 1/2 foot in the house.

Let's hope this storm keeps moving & not stall out over us like Allison did.
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