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Originally Posted by bowhuntntxn View Post
Ok. What that article neglects to point out is the relation of total arrow weight to FOC and spine. And without that information it is easy to think it can be achieved without sacrificing something.

Like I have said every time, you can get a 16% FOC pretty easy but not with the current arrow you shoot, and no where near the same total arrow weight or speed.

High or above average FOC means you have to build a heavy slow arrow. Average FOC means you can buy just about any properly spined arrow and shoot standard components and normal weight broadheads and shoot higher speeds.

Play around with this to see what you come up with. Adding another 100 grains to the front would get you over 16% but it will under spine your arrows and get them way over your current weight. And that will slow you down.
Go to the build your arrow on this web site and you can play with the numbers and get yourself close. Good luck.
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