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Originally Posted by muddyfuzzy View Post
I disagree. I have a 430 grain set up with 19% and there are several bows out there that can get 300+ fps @ launch with it. don't know how much faster and harder you want than that, it can kill anything on the continent.
Sorry but 430 grains is not "heavy", thus its "hard" hitting capabilities are limited. Can it kill most anything in North America? Sure but that doesn't necessarily constitute "hard" hitting. Lets take say a 600-650 gr arrow, now that will be a hard hitting arrow. It may not be moving as fast but it will hit like a ton of bricks. In this instance, you have momentum in your favor. It goes back to the slow sledge hammer vs fast claw hammer comparison. I put it like this, would you rather be hit by a smart car doing 60 or a freight train doing 40? Now there will be some arrows in the 425-475 range that will no doubt hit good a hard but not in relation to something a full 100-200 gr heavier.
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