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I am due south of Seguin about 25 miles. I have been doing food plots for a few years now. Spring food plots in this area needs to be some type of legume that is high drought tolerant. I would recommend Clay Iron Peas at 70-100 pounds per acre if your broadcasting and 50 pounds if your drilling. You can mix sunflowers in with the peas if you like. RR soybeans is another possibility for you. Dont get a spring plot mix from a store, your wasting money. Half of the stuff in the bag will not come up in our area. Clover will never make it here because of the lack of moisture during the summer.

Fall plots I plant Elbon Rye at 80 pounds an acre and purple top turnips 15 pounds per acre. You can also buy a plot mix at Douglass King Seed company in San Antone that has elbon rye, winter oats, winter wheat and turnips. I planted that a few years ago and it done well, but the wheat never grew. Pasture ryegrass is a waste of your money, you must buy a cereal rye. Also once the Elbon Rye gets tall it will kill off the remaining oats, but the turnips will be fine. Turnips will get eaten in our area after a freeze, for some reason the deer get after them then.

Send your soil samples to A&M and tell them you want to plant legumes and they will give you a fertilizer recommendation. Take that to Pruski's Fertilizer in Stockdale and they will make that exact blend of fertilizer including any trace minerals and have it in a spreader buggy for you. Same for the fall plots.

Hogs are my biggest nightmare, because of nutsedge and johnson grass. They will root up your plots looking for that stuff. I counted 13 deer the other night in a 4 acre plot I have in CI Peas. Another 1 acre plot I have the deer will walk in a line over an open pasture to get to it. They also bed in the plots in the summer.

Thats probably the best grammar I have ever used in a post, most of the time I booger them all up with redneck
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