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I filled feeders yesterday in Dryden and had a few bags of L&E and DD left so knowing that they both have some of the the highest TDN available, I poured a 50 pound mound of DD right beside a 50 pound mound of L&E, directly in front of the game camera. Will be another 70 days before I go back to pull cards and refill feeders, but we shall see if one pile gets hit or disappears faster than the other. I don't have a dog in this fight either way and I buy equal amounts of both brand, but just curious if one is preferred over the other on my lease and thought yall might be interested in the results.
we tried the exact same thing last year but with two identical feeders side by side. DD in one and Purina the other. (Purina is what we were and kept feeding). Came back a month later and there was no contest - they ate the Purina and very little of the DD. Now that may be attributed to introducing a new feed next to an existing one, but we are very happy with results for the Purina and our deer show it. Not worth 25% more IMO
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