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Originally Posted by DF&G View Post
Sorry if my wording on that post was misleading, I'm not going to censor someone's thought/opinion/review if it's real - customer or noncustomer.
I just want to make sure its kept as clean as possible on our FB page same TBH. I believe in keeping things family friendly just an old school country way of doing business.
I applaud you for that and keep it country

IMHO I think you need to tell some of the people working/operating DD this, and whoever operates their FB page and any other sites where they are lurking because that's the #1 complain I hear is the desperation in advertising

Originally Posted by M16 View Post
How much is the same feed in a plain sack without the dd label?
Originally Posted by Black Gold View Post
At Boedeker in Shiner, I got DD in a plain sack for $14.50 per bag or 10 or more bags for $14.00.

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I think he is referencing that the DD label/hype makes the protein a lot higher in $$$, whereas if someone else made the exact same ration it would be cheaper in a plain brown bag with no DD label

I just can't fathom spending $4-5 more per bag for a deer. I wish I could
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