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Originally Posted by tuthdoc View Post
We can kill any mature deer that we can get approved. Up to 150ish, we don't have to go through anyone. We find it and kill it. If it's bigger, close to 160, we have three second tier hunters that have to pass on the deer first. If they want it they can have it....but, we don't have to tell them where it is. LOL Over that, the price becomes prohibitive for us. So, what we look for are 150 class bucks, they're big enough and keeps us from having to worry about anyone else. AJ from my previous thread will probably be one of two that really get my attention, and this buck will deserve a look, but he'll be too big in the end.
So you're limited to only killing mature bucks in the 150s, after that anything 160 and up costs you an additional trophy fee? I was curious as to what "range" meant as well.
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