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Post Back Surgery Update:
Today is a 10 days post back surgery. Just wanted to give an update that I am following Drs orders and walking a lot. I aim for 10,000 steps a day. I am still in a back brace.
I was able to drive for the first time yesterday. I will remain on light duty at work for 4-6 weeks and go to a Dr followup next week. My surgery was invasive on my L5-S1.
(No fishing, hunting, or swimming for me til at least July)
I still have some numbness in my left foot but Dr says thatís the last thing to go away with time.
Iím sensitive and have to resist bending, lifting, and twisting.
My Mom goes back to South Carolina tomorrow. Shoutout to her for putting up with me the past 2 weeks. Thanks to everyone for checking up on me; friends, family, my DFD family, TBH members, SCs, phone calls, text messages, and prayers. Love you all so much, hereís a picture of my butt crack.

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