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Default Official Lake Whitney and Aquilla 2016-2017 hunting thread

So we've finished another year and what a year it has been, from dove and teal seasons, all the way through summertime fishing. We have shared our good times and told our stories. We have given advice and received it while we searched for our elusive prey. Those of us who spend our time visiting this thread have become a family and I personally look forward to getting on here every day and seeing what is going on in the world of TBH whitney. I hope all of you do and continue to as well. This year I expect to be just as fun and vibrant and full of good game as every other year I've been on this great forum.
Dove season is only about 2 weeks away and teal only 10 days after that. soon enough it will be our favorite time of year. The time when we get to get out early and sit in a tree or ground blind in the cool morning air waiting on that first early season buck to come down the trail and into our shooting lane. Here's hoping everyone has a great season this year and there are plenty of LDP's posted on this thread. So it's time to go out get your license and get ready to get your permits on the 23'rd. Tune your bows, get out and practice and let's make it great Here's my first picture of a buck this year it's hard to tell how big he is but it's hopefully something to get everyone in the mood
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