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Default Smoked Leg of Lamb

With all the things i have going on at my house i wasn't planning on doing any cooking for Easter but the MIL wanted lamb and i wasn't about to eat it cooked in the oven so i offered to smoke a leg on the smoker. I started off with a 4.5lb bone in leg of lamb and stuffed if with a few cloves of garlic then seasoned it with the following:

- few tbs of olive oil
-2-3tbs sea salt
-6-7tbs course fresh cracked black pepper
-2 tbs of chopped rosemary
-2 tbs of chopped thyme

I smoked it at 225 degrees until i hit an internal temp of 140. It took a little over 3hrs to hit my temp. I started off with hickory for the first hour and switched to peach for the last 2hrs. I baste the meat every 25-30min with an herb brush. My basting mix was:

-1/4cup olive oil
-3-4tbs of sweet/tangy rice vinegar (its what i had on hand)
-2-3 cloves of chopped garlic
-1tbs of chopped rosemary
-1tbs of chopped thyme
-1tbs fresh cracked black pepper

The herb brush is just a few sprigs of rosemary, thyme and sage that is tied to a brush. This gives a ton of herb flavor to the meat as you baste it. The finished product was excellent and paired well with a mustard mint sauce and some mint jelly.
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