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Originally Posted by systemnt View Post
What made you vote for Obama? specifically?
The promise of Hope?
The promise of Change?
The Promise of transparency?
Because he's half black?
Because he wasnt McCain?

this is a sincere question...
and any of the above ..make sense at the time... ..
No idea what this has to deaux with the fruit & nuts in California but
since you have only been on TBH for about a month or so I will play along. (You either are joking or experiencing early onset dementia.)
Lets see if I can entertain your boredom since I voted for President Obama once:
HOPE......WTH is that non-sense. We make our own hope in this household. We are not part of the collectivism movement. The Dems are well into that mantra and the Republicans are not far behind.
CHANGE......hum....change what? Again, we make our own changes as a family. We rise above and excel in every aspect of what we chose to pursue.....mostly the American Dream!
But it was a catchy slogan. Like "Just Do It", "Got Milk" and "Diamonds are Forever"
Transparency.....did not even know that was one of the issues. Hoover made sure that would not be the case a few decades ago. Might have missed that concern.
Because he is half black? mother is half white! DNA is definitely changing folks opinion on all that BS......the ones willing to submit a
Senator McCain? He was a huge disappointment as a candidate, definitely worse than GW that I supported twice. Could not articulate a vision for the nation. The GOP literally walked away from the race with that choice. I remember a lot of TBHers thinking the same about the GOP. Heck, based on current norms you know we cant have someone that was captured in a war!!!

So lets see, I voted for GW (voted for his dad twice also). After multiple wars due to bad info, ever increasing deficits, Bailing out Wall Street while citizens paid the bill, FEMA fiascos, exposing CIA agents by mistake. When it was time for the next election our choices were scarce at best and we all knew it. (kind of a theme lately)
Once the GOP campaign went negative I was out. Did I think candidate Obama was a great choice? NOPE! Did I think he would a landslide? Heck NO! But it was amazing and sobering to watch folks heads explode when it did happen!
I place my citizenship bets on the constitution & bill of rights......not some person holding an office. That office holder has to work thru the House of Reps and Senators to get anything done...."Checks & Balances!" IF the constitution can survive the long line of "poor to awful" presidents we have had in our history this blip in history would be no different.

Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
When Obama got elected you sure had us fooled.....

What I want to know is how are they going to divide the 550billion in debt or are they planning to just walk away from it?

Edit:...and that's not counting the under funded state pension funds.
Hum, California political nonsense sure brings out unhappiness. The chances of them getting the 3 way split achieved is incredibly small, but like I said the first time on this thread..."stranger things have happened!" Heck, I reckon Puerto Rico would surely become a full fledged state at that point.
You may want to speak for yourself on your other oddly placed & misplaced statement. Fooling someone has never been a goal of mine....ever! Bless your heart as you are consistent in showing that you are not above acting a fool on a public forum.
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