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Originally Posted by tradtiger View Post
That's a good shot on a very cool challenge, Rick! Love the aspect of cutting the rubber band. I guess it adds emphasis to getting distance/elevation correct.
You also have to hope for the right rotation of the broadhead when using a 2 blade head. My rubber band was cut left of the actual flight path of the arrow, but the blade was down just enough to do the cutting.

Side note: These Bishop single bevel heads are HARD on a broadhead target. I've never seen any that rotate as much as these do. Makes it darn near impossible to pull them out. After twisting/turning, and grunting & groaning for quite a while, I finally pulled the head off in the target, then had to dig it out with a pair of needle nose pliers & a screwdriver. Needless to say, my target is now in need of repair again.

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