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Cool Raccoons are wild animals

I know, DUH!

Just because you raised it since it was a baby doesn't mean it is tame.

Here's the story with a video.

Home security footage captured at a home in Clinton Township, Michigan shows three children frantically scurrying across their yard as a pet raccoon attacks.

According to 7 Action News, Patrick McClausky said a raccoon being kept as a pet next door chased down and attacked his 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son while they played in the families backyard. The animal drew blood on his daughter’s knee, meaning she would need several rounds of rabies shots. Thankfully, she ended up testing negative.

They believe the raccoon got into the yard through a hole in the fence.

Let’s venture back to the neighbors “pet raccoon” idea..

The neighbors, Joel and Linda, apparently named the critter “Bandit” and cared for it since it was very young. They claimed it was friendly, posed no threat to either of them, and would even sleep with their granddaughter.

The family also claims they tried to let the animal go, but it kept coming back for food..

They also said the animal was handed over to animal control and euthanized following these recent events.
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