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Default Retreiver training

Originally Posted by MarkV View Post
This is what a buddy told me who had a nice "papered" lab but no hunting bloodline and sent her to a trainer and trainer said it wasn't worth his time.

I used to have a nice "papered" lab that worked great for hunting ponds. Short retrieves. I now have a high powered "papered" lab who's momma and daddy are both master hunters and grand master hunter retriever champions as is most of her blood line on both sides going back 4 generations. Her momma was a guide dog in Nebraska and picked up 30 birds a day all season for 7 years. Her daddy is the same and as a 4 year old had already made 3 successful passes at master nationals. And I'm telling you I'm no expert trainer. But this little girl is a stud! I wish I had the money to send her to training or time to work with her more. She blows me away at how fast she learns things and how she NEVER forgets. Honestly, I'm not trying to brag at all. I give all the credit to her. She simply amazes me at times.

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