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Originally Posted by Whosure View Post
I have never owned a retriever or trained a dog before. I have a hard enough time training my wife's chihuahua to sit when we put the leash on for a walk.

Is it really that beneficial to have a new pup go to a trainer and get the basic and advanced training courses done or is it okay to do it yourself in the backyard? How long does the basic and advanced courses last and what are the costs associated with them?

I hear about the time and work you must do with the dog every month. What are some of the training items that everyone does? How often do you train each week and what is the duration? Is it about bonding or is there fine tuning that is ironed out during these sessions?

I have a two and a half year old lab that I trained. She's a gem! Hunts harder than me and loves to retrieve. I taught her everything she knows. She's not a national hunt test champion but she has all the potential to be. When I picked her up at 7 weeks she was already retrieving live shackled pigeons.

What I can tell you is that you need to start as soon as possible. And it needs to be every day. EVERY DAY! 2-3 times a day for max 20 mins when they are young. They have a short attention span. Obedience is the most important aspect. If you can't control your dog next to you, you won't be able to control them when hunting or at distance on a blind retrieve. Much less when they are running a double or triple mark retrieve.

I'm no professional but I've read a lot of books, watched hours of videos, and asked a lot of questions. And the last guided hunt I went on mine impressed the guide, a lot. Mainly bc of her obedience and quick snappy response to commands.

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