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Originally Posted by Shane View Post
Yes. But better lenses are not cheap. You need at least 400mm, if not 600mm to get anything like what you're probably hoping for at "several hundred yards". Canon's quality lenses at that range are several thousand dollars. You can find a 600mm Sigma or Tamron or some other cheaper brand lens that are still pretty good for around $1,500 - $2,000.

Video functionality on a DSLR is not as simple as on a regular video camera. On a DSLR, the camera won't autofocus and keep tracking focus on a subject that is moving around. It's more of a manual focus process with DSLR video. The average person wanting to record video is MUCH better off using a digital video camera rather than a DSLR, in my opinion.
Appreciate the knowledge. I might have to re-analyze my thinking; the very reason I posted here.

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