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Default Seeking a little professional opinion

Let me start by saying, I have never owned or used a DSLR camera, but I want one……….ha , always been a point and shoot type of guy.

I understand after reading multiple reviews and opinion blogs that camera’s to some or like bow’s are to others…….lots of very strong opinions verses models and brands. But there are many of you on the green screen that take photos that just blow me away. So here I am asking:

In your opinion, what manufacture and model of camera would be a good entry level camera that I could learn and grow with? I will be using it mainly for action (Brecks sports) shots and still images while hunting. I would like the option of lenses that would give me the ability to zoom in on objects out to a few hundred yards. I would like to have the option of also using it in place of my video recorder when needed. I think I would like a function to use a remote to trigger and help with delayed shutter applications along with capturing still images. Also would prefer multiple batteries.

My budget is approximately $750.00 but I think I can beat that if the Canon Rebel T6, Nikon D3400 or comparable will fit my bill? I am liking the looks of the bundle packages offered on Amazon and EBay..etc., but not sure that I am not missing something.

Thanks a million in advance for all of your professional opinions and will check back later.

Again thanks and God Bless

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