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Originally Posted by Trumpkin View Post
Speed doesn't kill, technically speaking. What kills is a broadhead running far enough through the vitals of an animal. Kinetic energy has been promoted for years, but by the physics of it, momentum is what matters. How hard is it to stop the arrow? Well, more mass at lower velocity is still harder to slow to a stop than a light arrow flying a bit quicker. Since speed is always limited with a traditional bow, we are always looking for a compromise between trajectory and momentum. There's all sorts of technical discussion out on the net for you to get lost in, but the bottom line is that slow, but heavy arrows, with razor sharp broadheads, will kill. It's as simple as that!

Get the Sage! Maybe swap out the string. Definitely put some moleskin in the string grooves on the limb tips to quiet it down. Add some wool puff string silencers, and start shooting! It's one wild ride, and the rabbit hole goes DEEP!
heavy arrows, razor-sharp BIG TWO-BLADED broadheads ... Fred Bear proved that a long time ago in killing anything that moved.
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