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Originally Posted by adam_p View Post
I need some. The garden is making enough for a meal every 2 days. I'm a big fan of grilling them, I just can't fire the grill up all the time. I tried sauteing them in butter and garlic the other day because everything is good sauteed in butter, except asparagus apparently. Recipes need to be carb and sugar free please. Thanks.
We cook our asparagus several ways. Best way is to wrap three or four together with a big piece of bacon and grill over charcoal or fire. Another yummy method is to put them all in a pan with butter, onions, and minced garlic and cook in the oven until they're soft. Or do the same thing in cast iron skillet on the stove.

On a side note, was it easy to grow the asparagus? Would love to grow some of my own someday.
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