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Originally Posted by Horitexan View Post
I saw one on here not long ago, I think. Maybe they'll chime in. It's not my cup of tea but, then, I don't have a need for an ultralight rifle. I prefer a little heavier/stiffer barrel. I've never liked Browning's triggers and there's no really great replacements. Plus, there's minimal aftermarket support. For less money I can buy Tikka and solve all those issues with equal or greater accuracy and an action that's commonly used for custom builds without the need for truing. They may not be as 'pretty' out of the box but they flat-out shoot - outshooting most factory rifles; and are the best value on the market when you compare quality/accuracy/price.

I'm more in the custom game these days but for a factory rifle, Tikka is where it's at for me

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See thatís what Iím trying to decide between. Really like the Tikkas as well.
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