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Default 2018 Update

We were able to shoot two more does this past weekend to get our total to 8 does harvested and three bucks for the year. For the bucks, our goal is to shoot 1 "shooter" per year, if there is a "shooter." We shot a 3.5yr old 6pt with no brow-tines, a 7.5yr old 11pt that's been going down-hill in terms of health and an old 8pt that was a protein hog.

We had a new 11pt come in and after looking at our cameras it seems he has come in and taken over since we removed the big 8pt. We think he is around 4.5yrs and are hoping he gets another couple of years to grow.
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The food plots don't look great, but there is a lot of elbon rye growing everywhere and it's about an inch tall:
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It was super cold. We got around 1/10th inch of snow on New Year's Eve which was pretty cool for the kids to see:
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We increased our timed protein feeders to be open from 5am to 8am and from 4pm to 8pm. We also filled all of the cottonseed feeder baskets and put out around 1,000lbs of cottonseed to help put the weight back on.
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