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Originally Posted by gingib View Post
I would target that big mature old 8

You got that 11 at 5.5?
Yes, we have the 11pt at 5.5yrs and are going to give him one more year.

Here are the bucks we are targeting this year, which are mostly culls or bucks past their prime:
Name:  Old 8pt.jpg
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This is an old 8pt, probably around 6.5yrs+. We have pics of him going on 5 years and he goes from 7-points to 8-points every other year. Never seen him in person.

Name:  Old 10pt.jpg
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This buck is 7.5yrs. We have pictures of him going on 6 years.

Name:  Old 11pt.jpg
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This 11pt is 8.5yrs+. We have pictures of him going on 6 years as well and we thought he was 3.5yrs the first year we saw him. He looks younger and younger every year.

Name:  Big Bodied 8pt.jpg
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This is a big bull of an 8pt. He is at 6.5yrs+ as well. Lots of history with him as well.

We have a lot of great looking 2.5yr olds through 4.5yr olds that we are excited about. Just trying to remove some of these older bucks/feeder hogs.
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