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Default Team Fajita

After some lengthy discussion in the deer stand with an ice chest full of beer, Todd and I decided to branch out this year with a new team. Having started up and successfully ran Team Chicken Wang for several years, we decided Bownanza needed some fajitas in the mix and thus Team Fajita was born! I found a supplier for pre-marinated beef fajitas this fall that are very tasty and reasonably priced. Being the first year for this team and the fact that it's a spin-off of Team Chicken Wang, we're going to keep it simple. Beef fajitas and grilled onions/peppers. I have no plans of coming up with a shirt, but if someone is energetic enough to head it up by all means have at.

So if you like to burn some meat, drink copious amounts of cold beer, and are handy with a knife you need to be on this team! And even if you have none of those skills sets, we'll still welcome you with open arms! We're all about having fun and meeting new folks. That's what Bownanza is about after all.

The bulk of the cost will be in the fajitas. They're $60/case 10lbs per case. I figure we'll need 5-6 cases. I'll post an itemized list of what we'll need to keep it separate.
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