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Originally Posted by Wampuscat View Post
I'd tell him if he wants a high fence ranch, he can pay 100% of the cost, especially since you don't want it anyway. It'll stop all of the deer traffic across the fence line in/out of your property changing forever your hunting. If he wants his own 1000 acre hunting oasis, let him foot 100% of the bill. I don't see high fences as "the neighborly thing", to me they are the ultimate FU to a neighboring land owner who is a hunter.

I know some on here won't agree with me, but this is America.
Lets say you have 1000 acres and your neighbor has 20 acres. You always give young deer a pass and never shoot them. Your neighbor hunts the fence line and shoots every buck he sees as soon as it jumps the fence. How would you feel about a high fence then?
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