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Originally Posted by 3R_RANCH View Post
We have 175 acres... family land. The neighbor to our south and west is high fencing his 1,000 acre place. That's fine… It's his right to do so. We actually have two issues…
1) when he does this we will be "high fenced" on three sides
2) he is asking us to split the costs! He says it's the "neighborly thing to do".

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about doing our fair share. Over the years, we have done roadwork, replaced fencing, etc. our other neighbors have always helped out.

I think this is different… The current low fence is in need of repair in some places, But it's keeping our cows in with no problems. we plan to replace it in the next two years.

I told him we will replace the low fence with a new low fence and he can help us pay for that if he wants, but we will not contribute any money towards a high fence...

What are your thoughts?

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