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Originally Posted by KactusKiller View Post
Set up time for all the different cams must take a while also. then making sure all different cams and videos are rolling and in frame is alot to deal with. With a single vid camera is tough for me can't imagine all you deal with. Makes some great videos tho
The Dinkum Action Pods (I have one Pro, one regular and one homemade version) make pretty short work of setup. I have adapted my GoPros with Arca QR plates and have QR mounts on each pod. It's a matter of clamping the pods and mounting and pointing the cameras (and often I just leave them attached to the pods.)

My main priority is the Sony (of course, and the Osmo). I control the Sony by hand, as seen, and can operate (pan, tilt, zoom, record) the Osmo with my phone.

The GoPros are static, and I keep extended batteries on to power through a full hunt. I also use the "loop" function, which records successive one minute files and then overwrites at whatever interval I set (usually 20 minutes) unless I stop the recording, at which point it permanently saves the files. I also use the GoPro Wi-Fi remote to start/stop both GP's at the same time.

Honestly, I only used footage from the Sony and one GoPro for the actual hunting footage on this one. I used the Osmo for the intro and tracking. I did capture footage of the deer and shot from a second GoPro between me and the deer, but it didn't add anything to the story.

Originally Posted by Smart View Post
You misspelled "I drag a 12' trailer behind my Ranger" to setup....

Great video as usual. I guess I never knew that the Killing Tree was so close to an improved road. I always imagined it out in the middle of nowhere usually only seeing the shooting lane you opened up the video in.
LOL! It's right off a road used frequently by gas well checkers. They are good about not coming through during "hunting hours" when we notify them.

Originally Posted by SaltwaterSlick View Post
Great video sir! This post made me laugh out loud!! ...been there, done that!! Probably why most of my best videos are "afternoon" hunts! Takes me at least 45 minutes to get set up and usually only have 1 camera, sometimes 2... With my new Osmo+, I'm looking forward to some exciting videos. Was the video of you climbing into your stand from a remote mounted/controlled Osmo? Looked like you panned/zoomed... Does your Osmo kill your battery in your cell phone (whatever you use for a display) quickly? I'm having that as an issue right now...
Yes, the intro and me climbing into the tree was filmed with the Osmo.
I use an old Phantom 2 battery to power the Osmo when it's set up remotely. I carry a portable power bank (imagine that! ) to charge my phone (and occasionally my GP and/or Sony.)

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