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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
LOL! Good question. If I set up my camera arm or tripod at the beginning of a weekend (which I normally do), I don't have to pack that in every hunt. I wrap my Sony with zoom lens in Domke wrap and carry it in my Tenzing camera bag. I can put my Osmo on top of the camera (with no extra mount). My 24-70 lens fits in a side pocket, I can fit a GoPros in the other side pocket. There is a front pouch, smaller front zippered pocket and two smaller side pockets for additional gear.

The biggest challenge is normally carrying tripod and camera clamps. I can normally clamp the Dinkum Action Pods to my bow, the tripod or even the bag, or slip them in a "cargo" pocket on my pants or coat. A bow sling for my bow helps free up a hand to carry things, if needed. I have lots of D Rings, Velcro straps, carbineers, rubber coated wraps, etc. to hold attach and hold stuff in place!
Great video sir! This post made me laugh out loud!! ...been there, done that!! Probably why most of my best videos are "afternoon" hunts! Takes me at least 45 minutes to get set up and usually only have 1 camera, sometimes 2... With my new Osmo+, I'm looking forward to some exciting videos. Was the video of you climbing into your stand from a remote mounted/controlled Osmo? Looked like you panned/zoomed... Does your Osmo kill your battery in your cell phone (whatever you use for a display) quickly? I'm having that as an issue right now...
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