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Originally Posted by HDWRENCH View Post
So more updates . Sat eving hunt was hot in the 82 range No wind to speak of . I had used the unit for my cloths after morning hunt , I hung it out the window when i got back in the blind I had the window on the redneck wide open to cool down some .

had 5 does two fawns out in front at one point two does at 1-2 yards in front of me , I almost could not see them ( stand is on 5 foot riser) the wind started to pick up and was ALL wrong , I thought for sure I would get busted .

Nothing they never had any idea I was there .

Also while sitting idle in the blind I had an idea to help with the radial part if no wind to make sure the OZ did not get back into blind .

I took a Gator Aid bottle and cut off about 1/3 it slides over the unit perfect. Then I made a slice on the bottom of the bottle that looks like a smile .. I lifted that section so now its directional and I can direct the flow if needed .
That sounds like a good mod to the unit, force the ozone out at a specific point.

Iím sold on the benefits of using Ozone, either in the stand or in a container to treat your clothes.
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