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Originally Posted by Hunter_Man View Post

I'll be giving you a ring later on in the week. For now, i may hunt one more time out at area 2, but i'm not bringing any of my stuff out there to set up.

I do have a MULE that we can use if you want to show me around out there sometime. I think i know my way around areas 2, part of 3, and 4, but a lot of the other areas i've never even been to. area 7?? is that the part that is by the huge overflow where the jeep trails are? is there actually any deer out there? area 4 seems promising, but last year i saw a TON of people out there. i set up by some scrapes last year and had no less than 15 people drive within 200 yds of me.

anyways, i've got your number. i'll give you a call by friday... maybe we can take a drive out there saturday or something?

No call buddy?
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