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Originally Posted by stonesmokey View Post
I know some guys that hunt up at Caddo, but I have another lease with my family and to be honest don't have enough time to hunt there, although I hear a lot of good about it and wish I could.

Bowman, thanks again for the info and showing me around. I am still looking for the map I have of SP.
I talked to Lake & Parks folks and that last unit we looked at where I said would be great along river for treestands?.....that back fence is the boundry, but the trees along fence line are plenty big enough probably for a stand in a few places as well.

Looking forward to tagging along in your areas next time ya come out. Gimmee a shout Stoney when ya have some dates of your next trip. I'm gonna checkout some new spots in Units 1-3 at SASP before ya come back too.

How s your FIL doing?
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