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Originally Posted by bloodtrailer28 View Post
Thanks for the response.
So causing choas in our country by tweets..... k. I would have thought you would have had a little more than that to come to that conclusion. I agree he needs to shut up at times and focus more but to say he is causing choas is stretching it a little imo. Do you simply not like the man?

Congress and the media is deserving of that description. you really believe congress would like to help him? They have shown otherwise pretty much every chance they have had.
You might want to re-read Shane's post. Think you got some of it backwards.

Trump could do so much to help trump if he would stop tweeting and saying things at press conferences to stir folks up. He has been elected. Delete the twitter account and try to work with congress to get things done....if he really wants to get things done. There are ways to accomplish his agenda but pissing off everyone you need to vote for your agenda is not it.
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