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Question for everyone. I'm always confused by the system. I'm wanting to apply for the Young County Dove Hunt and it says "1 to 4 people per application".

What does that mean exactly? Does that mean if I apply I can bring three friends with me?

Basically I want to be able to bring my Dad and 2 brothers so does that mean I add them on my application? Or do they have to add themselves? And I think they got rid of the disqualification for double adding. If I don't add them and I get drawn then I'm going alone?

Why do they have to make this stuff so hard. Why can't they just let you register, pay the fee and then if you win you can bring three friends? Instead they always seems to make it the most convoluted system possible.
You can put up to 4 People on the application including yourself. One person has to do it all. You have to pay the application fee for all applicants. And everybody can pay for their own permit fees if drawn. If you just brought people with you if drawn people would get out of paying ap fee and permit fees. And everybody would have everybody they knew applying even if they don't hunt.
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