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I did this diet back in May of last year, and stopped in August. I went from 207 to 165, and went from around 20% bf to around 13%. I was never tired, didn't have the after lunch lull, never had a problem getting up @ 0300 for work. Sounds too good to be true right? Be careful with this diet. Turns out this diet can leave you malnutritioned, and lacking important minerals for your body to function. In June I noticed I started having heart palpitations, and decided to go see a cardiologist just to make sure nothing was wrong. I only had them when I was sitting still, when working out or working in the yard, they didn't exist. Turns out, they were heart arrhythmias, non-sustained tachycardia. They can be caused by insufficient electrolytes in your diet, very common on this diet. Also, this diet increases adrenaline in your blood stream, which leads to irregular heart beats and heart arrhythmias. Make sure you take a supplement, and pay close attention to what your body is telling you. Since, I've had a defibrillator implanted, and have talked with other people with defibrillators. Several people went into sudden cardiac arrest on this diet, and put them close to death. Do your research. I agree with panhandlehunter, this is not something you want to stay on forever. This is great to lose body fat, but I think your best option is to ease into a paleo diet. It's more sustainable, and you aren't holding out any important nutrition from your body. Good luck on your weight loss!
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