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Originally Posted by jakefromtx View Post
You just need to do a little research on which ones to apply for. This past season was my second season applying and I got selected for 5 hunts. My first season applying I got selected for 3. I think I applied for 25 or 30 total hunts.
trust me ive done plenty of research over the years. studied draw odds,, harvest data, how it all relates to good years verses bad, etc. thankfully i have private places to hunt so i only put the kids and myself in for what i consider the better hunts, places other than the geographic region i live in. theres always a few that manage to draw multiple hunts every year. no other state in the union, to my knowledge, allows you to put in for every hunt in the draw. that's ridiculous. it lowers the odds terribly. in stead of being able to apply for those few choices spots you would like to hunt and probably would draw one day, now people have to put in for a lot more just to have a chance at something. many of the big time hunts like mule deer, kerr, chap, etc. have had applications double or have significant increases because "its just $3" for someone to apply for each one. this does not take into consideration that P&W has cut out hunts at various locations and reduced the number of hunts at others. theres a lot more people putting in for a less opportunity that in years past. i think a person should be limited to 2-3 choices per category and if draw for more than one, they have to select which hunt to go on in that category and then everything else is filled by standby or a second draw. more opportunity for everyone that way and tpwd still can make more of that $3 type money. for what its worth, we used to apply for 10-12 hunts, spend $30 and usually draw something every year. now werer spending $75 and drawing nothing. this is the norm with the new system.

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