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Originally Posted by 60 Deluxe View Post
I am at 8 1/4" now and have determined that I am getting string slap on the top limb. I will get that taken care of.

The limbsavers were on it when I got it. I agree, they are worthless at that location.

As to arrows, will somebody please explain how you can get a carbon arrow spined correctly for a 45# bow up above 10 gpp. I assume a 500 spine shaft is where to start. They weigh about 7.3 gpi. At 29 1/2" that means something like a 240 grain point. That much weight on a 500 should make it extremely weak.
I have to start with I have no personal experience with Striker bows.

-If you're getting string slap on the top limb, you almost certainly need more brace height due to the design of the bow.

-Yes, the limb dampeners are doing the bow no service. Remove them and use double sided tape to find a sweet spot. Once a good location is determined then, get some new dampeners.

-In order to increase arrow weight, simply get higher spined arrows and use more weight up front. You can also add weight to the nock end of the arrow, this will require more weight up front to re-gain the tune.

I did look at the Striker WWW site, they no longer offer 3pc longbows (maybe there's a reason?).

In my limited experience longbows and recurves tune exactly the same so there should really be no secret solution to tuning/ silencing a longbow... Get the arrow weight up to at least 9gpp... Use proper spined arrows... Bare shaft tune, paper tune or broadhead tune, just tune arrows to bow.

Good luck and have fun with the never ending puzzle.
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