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Sounds like you're in the ballpark fro brace height at 7.5", though you may want to check it again after checking a few more things.

First, make sure the limbs don't have any twist. Simply look lengthwise down the bow when it is strung. Even a slight twist (usually easily fixed by bumping the limb) can cause bow noise.

Also check that your limb silencers are tight on the string. Loose silencers (especially fur strips, like beaver balls) can buzz quite a bit. Is the string itself in good cut strands or loose serving? if so, try another string.

Is the string nock set high enough? Most split finger shooters get by with .5" high, or maybe .75" if you shoot three under. Make sure the nocks themselves are tight on the string.

Are you sure the arrows you're using are the right spine for the bow? It makes a difference.

Finally, how's your release? if you 'pluck' the string at all you may get noise, especially if any of the above aren't quite right.

Hope you find a solution.
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