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Default 11/24/2017 Update

My brother was able to get the old 8pt. He dressed out at 144lbs. He is a buck that we have pictures of going on 4 years and we though he was a 3.5yr old back when we first saw him (picture at the bottom).

Here are some pictures from last weekend.
3-acre food plot hasn't done well without any rain. That being said, there is still some elbon rye growing here and there. Hopefully we can get some moisture soon
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View from one of our gun blinds:
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3.5yr old 8pt cruising and checking for does:
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Does in 3-acre field. They were eating something because they grazed in the field for nearly 30-minutes.
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Here's a picture of the buck my brother shot this past weekend. Huge bodied buck for our area (144lbs dressed out):
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The first evening I saw a doe fawn try to jump our north fence and she got hung up in the top two strands of wire. I walked over to her and put my jacket over her head and held her tight against my legs until she calmed down and thankfully she calmed down fairly quickly. I was then able to lift her up and get her untangled. I would have cut the wire but I didn't have any wire cutters so I had to try something. She ran away without a limp. They are tough!
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