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Iíve been a member of qdma since the beginning. I think they have offered a lot of good advice thru the years especially to small landowners. I especially like the food plot book they published years back. On net I think they have been an asset

However. I think they are quite hypocritical on several fronts. They range from noncommittal to negative on the use of game fences for deer mgt. fascinating since Al Brothers is so prominently acknowledged including representing one of their highest awards. Al Brothers was on the leading edge of using game fencing as a mgt tool and one of the earlier adopters. I believe they could provide a great service offering accurate non emotional facts on the pros cons of game fencing.

They are prominent advocates against deer breeding. Fascinating since they have given their highest awards to Dr Harry Jacobson and frequently quote his research and the contributions he has made to deer mgt. Dr Jacobson was on the leading edge of creating the deer breeding industry as well as managing the research deer breeding Ms. State. I donít think they are fair or responsible in their reporting or position here.

All that said I believe they provide reasonable introductory counsel on mgt and good info on habitat / food plot cultivation. I just disagree with their advocacy and believe they should offer a broader perspective on the world of deer mgt
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Very accurate rundown on QDMA.
Great post, thanks
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